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Well the Global Warming pretend scientists are desperately trying to keep their funding. Now these con-artists are trying to claim that that it is just the surface water of the oceans that is cooling and the below the water is warming. When they stop driving cars and walk to work or ride a bicycle, then perhaps they are speaking at least what they believe rather than crying the planet is warming and we need to hand them billions of dollars to figure out some new technology to reverse the trend.

Meanwhile, real scientist who study the cyclical movement within nature are observing what we have been warning about – a coming Ice Agenot global warming. We should see the collapse in temperatures faster than we suspect for it will mimic a Waterfall Event in our market terminology. This is the true nature of how things simply move. Real scientists are starting to warn that we will see temperatures plummet by 2030. We are entering the Maunder Minimum Petri Dish of Political Change that nobody seems to comprehend the political ramifications ahead.

During my European tour, I packed only summer closes. I had to go but sweaters for it rarely went over 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius). It did not get warm until Italy and Spain.


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