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Why Has The Stock Market Crash Taken So Long? Mike Maloney with Rick Rule

from Mike Maloney More: Here's an outtake from Season 2 of Hidden Secrets Of Money. Make sure you are signed up to the newsletter to be notified of Season 2's release! Hidden Secrets Of Money is a world-leading educational series that is sponsored by, and also based on the priciples of WealthCycles. It shows […]


from New York Sun “We dare to talk about the gold standard and its relative merits, knowing that the merest whisper of a gold standard is enough to elicit the guffaws of the central bankers down the road. Because they say ‘that’s just crazy.’ And I think, really? Crazier than negative interest rates? Crazier than […]

Europe Struggles to Cope with Swelling Number of Refugees

from RT America Migrant reception centers in Southern Europe are overcrowded as more refugees continue to flee from Afghanistan and other war zones continue flooding into the EU. Every day thousands of migrants are traveling by train, coaches and taxis to reach Macedonia and neighboring countries, but many nations, such as Hungary, are introducing road […]

The Economics of Bernie Sanders

by William L. Anderson As the political campaign of Hillary Clinton continues to run aground, Democrats are flocking to the campaign of Bernie Sanders, the self-described “socialist” US senator from Vermont, who has been a fixture in that state for more than three decades. Not unlike the presidential campaign of Ron Paul, Sanders is […]

Brazil Throws In Towel On Budget; Citi Compares Fiscal Outlook To “Bloody Terror Film” / by Tyler Durden on 08/31/2015 20:15 Late last week, Brazil officially entered a recession as the economy contracted 1.9% in Q2, a quarter in which Brazilians suffered through the worst stagflation in over ten years. What was perhaps worse than the GDP print however, was budget data for July which was meaningfully worse than […]

Russia’s Surrealistic August / By Brian Whitmore, EurasiaNet / August 31, 2015 Russia appears to have survived August without a major catastrophe this year. There have been no coups and no defaults. No submarines have sunk, no trains or shopping malls have been bombed, and no wars have started — well, at least no new ones. There’s been plenty of […]

Why Has The Stock Market Crash Taken So Long? Mike Maloney with Rick Rule

Mike Maloney , Published on Aug 31, 2015 The post Why Has The Stock Market Crash Taken So Long? Mike Maloney with Rick Rule appeared first on Silver For The People.

Dow Futures Plunge 240 Points As Oil Drops 4% Ahead Of China PMI / by Tyler Durden on 08/31/2015 20:24 Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the stability-preaching talking heads, crude futures are sliding and US equity futures are tumbling as Asia opens. Worse still XIV (VIX inverse ETF) has tumbled to fresh lows with a 24 handle in the after-hours market, suggesting more […]

Stanley Fischer Speaks——-More Drivel From A Dangerous Academic Fool / by David Stockman • August 31, 2015 With every passing week that money markets rates remain pinned to the zero bound by the Fed, the magnitude of the financial catastrophe hurtling toward main street America intensifies. That’s because 80 months—– and counting—–of zero interest rates are fueling the most stupendous gambling frenzy that Wall Street has ever […]

Creator Of “Fair DUI Flyer” Arrested at Florida Checkpoint / Joshua Krause / August 31st, 2015 Earlier this year, Florida attorney and civil rights activist Warren Redlich created the “Fair DUI flyer” in response to the proliferation of unconstitutional police checkpoints across the United States. By holding the flyer up to your car window, along with your driver’s license and registration, you can quickly assert […]