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Dollar, Deficits, Fed: Trinity Of Truth / By Taki Tsaklanos / September 15, 2015

Did you ever watch a Perry Mason court drama? If you are of a younger generation than I am, perhaps not… However, you have no doubt seen court dramas of some sort; in particular, you have seen a witness being sworn in with the clerk reciting the famous mantra;

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”… While the witness holds his hand on the Bible?

Of course, the threat of punishment via the law of contemp t of court (invoked for telling lies) is also in force, beyond any possible Divine retribution. In any case, why this trinity… why not simply “Do you swear to tell the truth” ? It’s pretty clear that “and nothing but the truth” is tacked on to disallow the witness telling some truth and some lies… but what about “the whole truth” ?

This is the kicker; does the witness have to say ‘2 + 2 = 4’… or ‘the Sun rises in the east’… both true statements? After all, ‘the whole truth’ means all truth, no? Well, no. The mantra should actually read ‘all pertinent truth’, not ‘the whole truth’… but this would call for judgement on the part of the witness as to what is pertinent.

When we are mislead, the main method used is exactly this; tell some truth, mostly tell only truth… but by no means tell ‘the whole truth’… do not mention facts that are pertinent and essential for a clear understanding.

A great way to spread mistruth is to treat the lie as if it were true… repeat it like it was true beyond any doubt. Repetition is the mother of learning; repeat a lie often enough as if you yourself believe it to be true, and the uninformed will generally buy it, no questions asked. The best defense against being mislead is knowledge. Knowledge demands use of the ‘Trinity of Truth’ test.

One often hears; ‘simply print more Fiat currency, and inflate away the debt’. But does this statement pass the Trinity test? The truth, the whole (pertinent) truth, and nothing but the truth? Far from it; let’s look at the statement in fine detail. ‘Print more Fiat currency’ seems innocuous… but blind belief is lethal.

Is it true that more Fiat can be printed? Sure, without apparent limit. Is there a lie being told along with the truth? No visible lie… But does the statement tell the whole truth, all the truth needed to understand the whole matter of money creation, does it tell all pertinent truth? No way!


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