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Monthly Archives: October 2015

CRISIS BY DESIGN: Hungarian PM Reveals ‘Social Engineering’ Role of George Soros in EU Refugee Run / BY SHAWN HELTON / OCTOBER 31, 2015 21st Century Wire says… Much like the Arab Spring, one should consider the policy planning within think-tanks and NGO’s when looking at the ongoing migrant crisis… READ MORE The post CRISIS BY DESIGN: Hungarian PM Reveals ‘Social Engineering’ Role of George Soros in EU Refugee Run appeared first on […]

WHERE ARE ALL THE AMERICANS? / Jim Quinn / 30th October 2015 A Russian arrives in New York City as a new immigrant to the United States. It’s 11:00 AM on a Wednesday. He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, “Thank you Mr. American for letting me come into this country, giving me housing, […]

Fed Admits “Something’s Going On Here That We Maybe Don’t Understand” / by Tyler Durden on 10/31/2015 21:35 In a somewhat shocking admission of its own un-omnipotence, or perhaps more of a C.Y.A. moment for the inevitable mean-reversion to reality, Reuters reports that San Francisco Fed President John Williams said Friday that low neutral interest rates are a warning sign of possible changes in the U.S. […]

Why the Most Liberal Cities Have the Worst Wealth Inequality / Joshua Krause / October 31st, 2015 Wealth inequality has long been the cause célèbre of the Left, who are always quick to point the finger at the private interests in our society. They always blame the corporations and the banks for dominating the economy, and they criticize the government for not doing anything to stop […]

No Sweets, Just Drones: Happy Halloween from 21WIRE / OCTOBER 31, 2015 21st Century Wire says… Trick or Treat? Or how about some drones, asymmetric warfare, humanitarian intervention, targeted assassinations, or mass murder? This Halloween, 21WIRE has surveyed the Washington DC political crypt, and managed to dust-off some of the scariest bureaucratic monsters and psychopathic New World Order operators, in an effort to […]

Another Black Swan? Turkey Holds Snap Elections Amid NATO-Backed Civil War / by Tyler Durden on 10/31/2015 21:15 There’s a potential black swan event taking place in Turkey on Sunday and no one seems to care. That is, the media isn’t devoting nearly enough coverage to Turkish elections considering the impact the outcome will invariably have on the situation in Syria, on the fate of the […]

Even if you win the lottery, the government can refuse to pay your winnings (because they’re broke) / Submitted by IWB, on October 31st, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) Generous benefits policies in the state of Illinois — enacted over years by left-wing big government statists to pacify key voting blocs — have so demolished the Land of Lincoln’s economy, that now, elected leaders there are openly committing fraud and, in […]

COT Data For Gold At Topworthy Level / October 31, 2015 There has been a rapid movement over the past few weeks by commercial traders of gold futures to increase their net short position as a group.  That is a development which has importance for the future of gold prices. The data for this week’s chart come from the weekly Commitment of […]

Mario Draghi Admits Global QE Has Failed: “The Slowdown Is Probably Not Temporary” / by Tyler Durden on 10/31/2015 20:25 Undoubtedly, the most amusing this about the prospect of more easing from the ECB (as telegraphed by Mario Draghi last week) and the BoJ (where Haruhiko Kuroda just jeopardized his status as monetary madman par excellence by failing to expand stimulus) is that both Europe and Japan both […]

Mission Creepy: U.S. Puts Boots On The Ground Russia Is Bombing / by John Rubino on November 1, 2015 Russia’s decision to bomb pretty much everyone opposed to Syria’s Assad regime — including the guys the US was training and funding — startled the West last month. But at least we didn’t have any personnel there at the time, right? Well, that might be about to […]