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Why the Most Liberal Cities Have the Worst Wealth Inequality / Joshua Krause / October 31st, 2015

Wealth inequality has long been the cause célèbre of the Left, who are always quick to point the finger at the private interests in our society. They always blame the corporations and the banks for dominating the economy, and they criticize the government for not doing anything to stop them. While there is certainly an argument to be made there, it ignores one simple fact that most liberals would rather ignore. The cities where they predominately live, have some of the worst income inequality rates in the country.

That’s right. The places where they have the most influence over the laws, often have the widest divide between the rich and the poor. Of course, conservative areas are known for having this problem too, but in their case it’s not across the board. For instance, the South is riddled with income inequality, while the Midwest is fairly equal.

Once you take a look at our major metropolitan areas though (which are dominated by leftist ideas) you’ll find that problems with wealth inequality are pretty much everywhere, and they are largely rooted in the affordability of housing. At first glance it appears to only affect the richest cities, which isn’t surprising since a community with more wealth always has higher prices for everything. According to a recent article published in The Atlantic.


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