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The Foolish Nuts on Chipotle / by Karl Denninger / 2015-12-27

The conspiracy crazies are at it again.

The latest is a ditty making the rounds from a web site that counts a huge number of Facebook “foolowers” that hang on their every word, from autism-is-caused-by-vaccines on down.  The latest load of crap, which has gone through a few different points on the Internet map before landing, is that Chipotle’s bacterial contamination is the work of “saboteurs” working for the “big agri” and GMO people.

In two words: Damned unlikely.

Chipotle, like so many others that trade on bogosity and nonsense, have tried to have their cake and eat it too.  In their case their so-called “slogan” is food with integrity, which means eschewing the mechanized and standardized producing and handling of that which goes into their various products for sale.

But you see, with good comes bad, and with bad comes good.  You’ll never get an awesome hamburger from McDonalds nor an awesome coffee from Starbucks.  But you will get the same coffee, and the same hamburger, no matter which store you go into — and these chains make damn sure that’s true as it’s mostly what they’re actually selling.

So called “food with integrity” where diversity and locality of supply goes 180 degrees out of phase with that.  By definition the smaller farm is far more likely to have a cross-contamination problem simply because there is far more on a square-acre basis going on.  The large corporate farm that grows only tomatoes has, well, tomatoes — and a facility dedicated to making just tomatoes.

The less-dedicated and smaller facility is inherently less-safe in this regard.


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