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Deeper truth for millions of people: the substance of reality / By Jon Rappoport / Jan 1, 2016

There are many people who have discovered that the Information Chiefs on this planet are lying to them. They have discovered more: these lies are stitched together, day by day, to form a series of images and meanings, in a kind of continuously running movie—

And this movie is called Reality.

Many people have discovered this. Based on experience, I would say millions of people out there know this.

They don’t know the names of all the Information Chiefs or the names of the men behind them. Nor do they know all the techniques of propaganda that are being deployed. But they know enough.

They don’t know all the names of the groups and secret societies to which the Reality Makers belong, but they know enough. They’ve seen the movie and identified it as a movie.

They have not fully considered that these Reality Makers are artists. Perverse artists who are trying to monopolize the production of What Exists.

This is an important clue. Why? Because it suggests that other kinds of art and artists exist, who can do something else, who can perform an end-run around the central movie of reality and invent their own movies—their own highly individual and unique and powerful movies of exceedingly different Realities.


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