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SHTFplan: In the 50s, Preppers Retreating to Off-Grid Shelters After Attack Were “Treasonous”

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This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at

Editor’s Comment: Not only is the government inept at handling a crisis, they are generally aimed, ultimately, at exerting greater control over society. From the response to Hurricane Katrina, to the possibility of a major economic collapse and break down of society, there is every reason to avoid being corralled into a FEMA camp and “helped” by the Feds.

As every prepper knows, this is the time to plan ahead, and enact that plan to reach your retreat and survive with the supplies and preparations you have made while remaining off the radar. If you can’t make it to your out-of-the-way destination, or if that alternative is no longer desirable, making do in the woods or even abandoned buildings is probably preferable to lining up and taking orders from the martial law crowd. Things could turn especially ugly if you end up on one of their lists…

Apparently, Fleeing the City During A Crisis for Rural Shelter Is “Treason”

by Aaron Dykes

If there is a major crisis – from an economic collapse, to a terror attack, natural disaster or mass civil unrest – your first thought may be to escape the city and retreat to the safety of your hideaway shelter in the countryside. But that’s exactly what the collectivist government DOESN’T want you to do.

Instead, they want you to line up and join the masses at overcrowded FEMA camps and public shelters… and hope for the best.

Propaganda films during the atomic age were heavy on the scare tactics, but this one made clear that self-reliance and prepper-minded individuals are going too far against society – and should be regarded as “deserters” and “treasonous” if they don’t stay put in their cities, follow orders and show up for their job.

After all, it is a collective effort, and even the threat of nuclear annihilation is no excuse for going off on your own – even to save your own family (though that certainly won’t stop the elite from doing so…).

The real reason is that – just as today with terrorism – the government wants a malleable and obedient population that will take orders from central authorities and join the herd. It is instinct and survival against mass conformity and power.

True survival minded people aren’t wanted unless they are in uniform serving government objectives and power.