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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Near-Simultaneous Earthquakes / by Martin Armstrong / Apr 29, 2016  Since our model turned up in March for activity around the Ring of Fire in the Pacific, there have been near-simultaneous earthquakes opposite of each other in the Ring of Fire. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8+ hit the Kumamoto prefecture in southern Japan on April […]

Crowd for Cruz rally less than expected / Submitted by IWB, on April 30th, 2016 FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Many people arriving at the Grand Wayne Convention Center for Thursday’s Ted Cruz Rally expected to see a lot of commotion when they got there. For someone just passing by, they might not have even known a presidential candidate was in Downtown Fort Wayne.  Brenda […]

GOOD IDEA FOR THE WHITE HOUSE BUT NOT THE SOUTHERN BORDER / Jim Quinn / 29th April 2016 The hypocrisy of the Obama administration and their left wing lunatic minions is breathtaking to behold. They call Trump a demagogue for suggesting that we keep illegals from pouring over our border and swamping our social safety net system by building a wall. But they think it makes […]

What the H**k Is Happening to the Dollar and Risk? / by Wolf Richter • May 1, 2016 “Speculators are losing faith.” Gold jumped 2.2% on Friday to $1,294.90 an ounce. It’s up nearly 5% for the week and hit the highest price since January 2015. Silver rose 1.7% on Friday to $17.80 an ounce. During the day, it kissed the highest price since January 2015. It […]

Savior Complex: Paving the Road to Hell / BY CHRIS CAMPBELL / APR 27, 2016 Today, we’ll be taking a trip to Johns Hopkins Medical School. The school’s having a screening of a documentary film called Poverty, Inc., directed by Michael Matheson Miller, a Research Fellow at the Acton Institute. Though we’re looking forward to seeing it again (it’s great), what piques our interest […]

15 Warning Signs of Possible Market Top, Recession Next Year / FS STAFF / 04/26/2016 In Wednesday’s podcast, Chris Puplava provides a comprehensive update on PFS Group’s economic outlook for the US by explaining the message coming from each of the 15 charts below. Many of these forward-looking indicators are regularly discussed in our weekly broadcasts and comprise the core pillars of our analysis and forecasts. They […]

ANARCHAST: DOUG SCRIBNER: WATCHMYBIT, DISRUPTING THE STREAMING VIDEO MARKET / PETE GORMAN  / APRIL 30, 2016 Jeff interviews Doug Scribner, creator of the Bitcoin powered video streaming website WatchMyBit, topics include: WatchMyBit, pay per view online micro-payments, ad free video, paywalls and piracy, WatchMyBit’s split engine micro-splits and charity, rights management, WatchMyBit also accepts 40 different alt coins, hugely cumbersome existing mainstream systems, whole new […]

State-Sanctioned Theft – The Failed War On Drugs And Cops’ Abuse Of Civil Forfeiture / by Tyler Durden on 04/30/2016 Submitted by Lorelei McFly via, One of the biggest lies our government tells us is that it wages the War on Drugs to keep us safe. More than 40 years after it was started, we know that it has been a colossally-expensive epic failureon its stated goals, was […]

Chart of the Day – $XAU Regression to the Mean / By Gary Savage / Sunday, 1 May 2016 Regression to the mean. There is one universal law in this business and it never never gets broken. Price always regresses to the mean. This one is like death and taxes. It is never violated. And the further price stretches in one direction the harder it moves […]

WE DON’T HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM / Jim Quinn / 30th April 2016 Does anyone in their right mind think we are taxed too little? Are we getting $6 trillion worth of benefit from having a massive government controlling every aspect of our lives? Have these government drones improved education, our infrastructure, or our economy with the $6 trillion per year […]