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Deutsche Bank Unveils The Next Step: “QE Has Run Its Course, It’s Time To Tax Wealth” / by Tyler Durden on 04/30/2016 – 20:58 Helicopter money may be on the horizon, but if Deutsche Bank has its way, there is at least one intermediate step. According to DB’s Dominic Konstam, now that the benefits QE “have run their course”, it is time for the next, and far more drastic step: “the […]

Silver Commitments of Traders – the Saga Continues / Dan Norcini / April 29, 2016,10:02 pm This is really getting to be quite something to witness. After that huge volume blow off day of April 21, when silver spiked to $17.75 and then promptly collapsed 100 points ( a full $1.00), I thought we would certainly see some signs of long liquidation in […]

Jim Grant: The Fed Is in the Business of Making Things Worse (Video) / BY SAMUEL BRYAN / APRIL 29, 2016 Jim Grant appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell to discuss the Fed’s latest non-move in interest rates, noting that “it seems awful familiar.” Grant offered a stinging indictment of the Fed’s role in the world, pointing out that central planners simply can’t juggle all of the varying factors in the […]

VIDEO: Syria ‘White Helmets’ Exposed and Petition to Prevent their Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize / BY VANESSA BEELEY / APRIL 30, 2016 As the Syrian battle front rages in Aleppo, the ‘White Helmets’ are emerging even more strongly as part of the long arm of US and UK propaganda in Syria.  The Manhattan campaign managers at Purpose Inc have sprung into action. Red is the new black on Facebook and “Aleppo […]

CLINTON CRASH: Hillary Has Received Hundreds of Thousands Fewer Votes in 2016 vs. 2008 / Submitted by IWB, on April 30th, 2016 Clinton is widely expected to be the Democratic nominee in 2016, but her poor performance in the primaries—which many believe she should have wrapped up long ago—may drag her down heading into the general election, as even many Democratic voters seem to distrust her. To win in […]

Keiser Report: ‘Making America Great Again’ Quest (E908)

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What Are The Three Signs Of A “Disorderly” Currency Market: Richard Koo Explains / by Tyler Durden on 04/30/2016 – 19:48 One of the biggest ironies in recent months has been the Bank of Japan’s recurring insistence that it would promptly intervene in the FX market if the ongoing “disorderly” moves in the Yen do not stop. This was ironic because it was the BOJ’s own insistence in […]

MaY DaY MaY DaY MaY DaY…2016

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A Legend In The Financial World Just Issued A Dire Warning / April 30, 2016 A legend in the financial world just issued a dire warning. Below is a dire warning from a recent piece by financial legend and six time Graham and Dodd award winner Rob Arnott, whose firm helps to oversee $170 billion globally: “Big Brother cannot take care of us. Only we can do that. […]

RED ALERT WARNING: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE — Bill Holter, Published on Apr 30, 2016 The post RED ALERT WARNING: THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE — Bill Holter appeared first on Silver For The People.