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Ron Paul Rages “Government Can’t Help… It Can Only Hurt”

Submitted by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Three recent stories regarding three government agencies — the IRS, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) — show why we should oppose big government for practical, as well as philosophical, reasons. In recent months, many Americans […]

Not Just Trump: Immigrants Coming To The US Are Banking On A Catch & Release Program / by Tyler Durden on May 31, 2016 8:30PM As we reported last week, a looming Trump presidency has generated a surge in immigrants trying to cross the southern border of the United States. From October 2015 to March of this year, the US Border Patrol apprehensions averaged 330 Central Americans a day, an increase of […]

8 Lessons That We Can Learn From The Epic Economic Meltdown In Venezuela / By Michael Snyder on May 31st, 2016 We are watching an entire nation collapse right in front of our eyes.  As you read this article, there are severe shortages of just about anything you can imagine in Venezuela.  That includes food, toilet paper, medicine, electricity and even Coca-Cola.  All over the country, people are […]

Mood Swings—–The Chicago ISM’s Got Vertigo / by Jeffrey P. Snider • May 31, 2016 The ISM Chicago Business Barometer PMI fell back below 50 again in May, the ninth time in the past sixteen months that the index came out under the supposed dividing line. It is more likely, however, that US businesses especially in manufacturing just don’t know what to make […]

Famed Short Seller On The Gold & Silver Pullback, Plus Must-See Gold, Silver & GLD Sentiment Charts! / May 31, 2016 On the heels of gold and silver continuing to consolidate recent gains ahead of the release of this Friday’s Non-Farm Payrolls report, which traditionally is used to smash gold, below is a famed short seller’s take on the gold and silver pullback, plus must-see gold, silver and GLD sentiment charts! “What really […]

The Big Mac Peso-Dollar Blues in Mexico / by Don Quijones • May 31, 2016 Could the “Tequila Crisis” happen again? The IMF is worried. Although Mexico’s economy has grown at a steady rate during the lion’s share of this fledgling century, Mexican workers’ real salaries have barely shifted. In fact, over the last four decades, Mexicans’ purchasing power has not just stagnated, as […]

FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT ALIGN WITH EU “HATE SPEECH” LAWS, VOW TO REMOVE OFFENSIVE POSTS IN 24 HOURS / MELISSA DYKES / MAY 31, 2016 Behind a claim that social media is being abused by terrorists to promote terrorism and hate speech, social media giants Facebook and Twitter, along with online giants Google and Microsoft have released a joint statement vowing to address hate speech EU-style online “within 24 hours”. Beyond national laws that […]

Appeals Court Delivers Devastating Blow To Cellphone-Privacy Advocates

Authored by Jenna McLaughlin via, Courts across the country are grappling with a key question for the information age: When law enforcement asks a company for cellphone records to track location data in an investigation, is that a search under the Fourth Amendment? By a 12-3 vote, appellate court judges in Richmond, Virginia, on […]

They’re Baaaack: Gas-Guzzlers Take Over The Roads Again / by Tyler Durden on May 31, 2016 7:30PM Sadly, everyone has seemingly forgotten that the lessons of the past can help prepare us for the future. For example, one would assume that the sting of owning an truck or SUV during the financial crisis would stick with consumers long enough to deter them from […]

Japan Data Dump——-Mostly Dumping All Over Abenomics / by Jeffrey P. Snider • May 31, 2016 en days ago, it was reported that the Bank of Japan for the first time set aside reserves against expected losses should its massive portfolio of JGB’s finally move toward QQE success. The main part of all this “stimulus” has been the accumulation of primarily government bonds at […]