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Revolution at the Ranch

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / Bill Bonner / May 23, 2016

Alarming News

BALTIMORE, Maryland – An alarming email came on Tuesday from our ranch in Argentina:

“Bad things going on… We thought we had the originarios problem settled. Not at all. They just invaded the ranch.”


To bring new readers fully into the picture, Northwest Argentina, where we have our ranch, has a revolution going on. Some of the indigenous people – that is, people with Native American blood – believe they have a claim on the land, simply because their ancestors once lived on it.

You can see easily what a slippery claim this is. Most of the people in the area have ancestors who may or may not once have lived on our ranch. Nobody knows.

Which of them should have title to which land? And wouldn’t the same principle apply to all the land of Argentina…and America, too? Are there no Native Americans with an ancestral claim to Manhattan? Yes, the history books say the island was purchased for $24 dollars’ worth of geegaws.

“We were cheated,” the redskins could say. And what about the rest of us? We had ancestors, too. Where did they live? What rights do we have? As a matter of law, it has been settled for 400 years: The Spanish stole the Chalcachi Valley fair and square.


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