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The Walking Dead = Metaphor of the Failing Western Fiat Currency Scheme

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I’ll admit it.  I love The Walking Dead.  I even have some bobble heads of the characters that I picked up from Barnes and Noble.  But, what is the fascination with the goo-oozing zombies, the apocalyptic US South, the certainty of doom and miserable, painful death haunting each character, every single show?

I finally figured it out!

The Walking Dead IS a metaphor of the Western fiat currency scheme, and the similarities make it a perfect propaganda tool to control the masses and show the futility of resisting one’s certain, doomed, fate.

Let’s peel back some layers!

The Collapse Scenario

One of the protagonists, Rick, is a local police officer.  He, along with his partner Shane, are introduced as typical law enforcement officers, in a sleepy, small town setting in the rural country side outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

One day on patrol, Rick and Shane encounter some bad guys. Rick gets shot, and ends up in a coma at the local hospital.

While in the coma, the region is under siege by a strange outbreak, afflicting thousands with fever, then death.  However, upon death, the person turns into a zombie–not really dead, and not really alive.  These zombies exist by consuming flesh of the living.  They are driven by primal instincts.  We learn later that the zombie infliction is something that every human being carries, that becomes activated upon a scratch or bite from a zombie. We also learn that the zombie condition is caused by basic, core brain waves of a primal nature, driving the zombies to loud sounds, and all they do is forage for protein to consume.  They do nothing but feed on the living.


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