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US Issues Major Travel Alert Until Aug 31, 2016 – Episode 985b

X22Report, Published on May 31, 2016 The post US Issues Major Travel Alert Until Aug 31, 2016 – Episode 985b appeared first on Silver For The People.

Member Update 5/31/16 Thousand Cuts

The post Member Update 5/31/16 Thousand Cuts appeared first on Silver For The People.

Hong Kong Retail Sales Plunge 7.5% YoY, Fall For 14th Consecutive Month

Hong Kong's retail sales fell for the 14th consecutive month in April, plunging 7.5 percent from a year ago. April was slightly less severe than a revised estimate of a 9.8 percent YoY contraction in March. April sales of jewellery, watches, clocks and valuable gifts fell 16.6 percent in value terms, a 20th consecutive month […]

Member Update 5/31/16 Thousand Cuts

Bill Kristol’s Independent Pick To Take On “Roaring Jackass” Donald Trump Revealed / by Tyler Durden on May 31, 2016 7:05PM As reported earlier, over the weekend Weekly Standard editor and prominent neocon, Bill Kristol, one of Trump’s most vocal detractors, announced that he would challenge Trump’s presidential candidacy by unveiling  an independent candidate, “asn impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.” This led […]

Abenomics “Death Cross” Strikes As Japan PMI Plunges To 40-Month Lows

Since Abenomics was unleashed on the world (with QQE starting in April 2013), things have not worked out as the smartest men in the Japanese rooms predicted. In fact, with April's final manufacturing PMI printing at 47.7, operating conditions in Japan worsened at the sharpest pace in 40 months… since Abe began his three arrows. […]

The Walking Dead = Metaphor of the Failing Western Fiat Currency Scheme / By California Lawyer / May 31, 2016 I’ll admit it.  I love The Walking Dead.  I even have some bobble heads of the characters that I picked up from Barnes and Noble.  But, what is the fascination with the goo-oozing zombies, the apocalyptic US South, the certainty of doom and miserable, painful death haunting […]

Special Forces Insider Warns Of Serious Civil Unrest This Summer: “Everything Is Right For Things To Go Very Wrong”

Submitted by Mac Slavo via, In the lead up to the Presidential election we’ve seen pockets of riotous behavior across America. Whether supporting Trump, Sanders, Hillary or Cruz, average Americans appear to be ready to go to war with their government or with each other. This sentiment, coupled with continued economic degradation and a […]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – June Gold Deliveries Top 350,000 Ounces On Day One / 31 MAY 2016 A lot of those golden tickets that Nova Scotia had been accumulating during May were put up for June delivery, and the biggest taker was the house account at JPM. The amount of gold in the Hong Kong Comex warehouses has been decimated, back down now below a million ounces. I […]

Philippines’ New President Endorses Murdering Corrupt Journalists

If the US media delights in its every day interactions with Donald Trump, who not only refuses to follow the conventional playbook, but has torn it apart and burned it for good measure, it would have an absolute field day with the Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte. The reason is that earlier today, Duterte who takes […]