Silver as an investment

SHTFplan: Why the World’s Wealthiest Are Buying Gold: “Things You’ll Never Read in Wall Street Journal”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food.


The word on the inside has been spoken.

They are bailing.

Even the wealthiest investors in the world are now turning to gold en masse and taking position of significant, and sometimes secretive, holdings. They are among the first to line up for the escape routes, and most are doing so on good information.

Every pillar of financial stability is shaking and ready to crash. Aside from holding together the system for the sake of holding it together, there isn’t much working in favor of this massively flawed bubble.

It can and will come crashing down at some point, and it would appear that smart money sees it coming down soon.

Check out this interview via SGT Report:

Researcher, Analyst & Best-Selling Author Marin Katusa founder of Katusa Research joins us to offer his analysis on the rapidly changing global economic order, the near and long term future of the US Petrodollar – and the critical importance that PHYSICAL gold should play in every thinking man’s portfolio. In fact, in this exclusive SGT Report interview, Katusa reveals a secret, “I’ll tell you what guys in power are telling me,” Marin explains, “the wealthiest people on the planet” are taking the contrarian position, they are getting into gold. “These are things you’ll never read in the Wall Street Journal,” Katusa says.

Despite every effort to suppress gold, devalue private asset holdings and force people onto the grid, gold and silver maintain their appeal – and billionaires are looking to them to hold onto value in the coming period of instability and currency warfare.

It is probably a good idea to keep at least a portion of funds in gold and silver bullion for emergency use in case of any number of crises, including a sustained depression following currency hyperinflation if/when the bubble bursts and/or the dollar official dies as world standard.

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