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Age Discrimination on LinkedIn Hounding Ever Younger People?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Wolf Richter / June 17, 2016

Are early Millennials already facing age discrimination?

Thankfully, I have a job, more of a job than I have time to handle, there being only 24 hours in a day. Running my vast WOLF STREET media mogul empire keeps me busy, so I’m not looking for another job. I’m not even on LinkedIn. People can just Google me. I’m all over the internet with articles, books, and this vast media mogul empire website. But LinkedIn, being such a hot topic these days, gets my attention.

A few days before Microsoft’s announced that it would buy the money-losing company dogged by revenues that are threatening to flatten out, for a breathtaking $27.2 billion, the third most expensive tech deal in history, and surely one of the most overpriced deals ever – “surely” meaning I have zero facts to support that claim – well just days before that historic moment, I’d written an article about how job postings on LinkedIn had plunged.

With hindsight, it looks like Microsoft’s acquisition gurus didn’t read that article.

Now I’ve come across a fascinating piece on MarketWatch, an article on what to do to get into the cross hairs of a recruiter whose algos are combing through millions of profiles on LinkedIn.


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