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Monthly Archives: July 2016

“You Can’t Listen To Your Damn Stock Broker” – Forecaster Warns Of 70% Stock Market Crash And New Great Depression

Economic forecaster Harry Dent has been analyzing the economy and trading markets for decades. Utilizing a wide breadth of research that includes capital flows and demographics, he has accurately called market tops, turning points and asset price movements. Dent recently joined to discuss his thoughts on the current economic, monetary and financial landscape and […]

Still Report #1087 – 7,000 Turkish Forces Surround Incirlik Air Base

From Reflation To Redistribution: The “War On Inequality” Looms

The bigger picture narrative, according to BofAML's Michael Hartnett, is that the policy baton is passing from Monetary to Fiscal stimulus in 2016/17. Simply put, central bank rate cuts are ending; and new policies to address the populist desire for a "War on Inequality" are emerging. This 'fiscal flip' – as Hartnett describes it – […]

The Good, The Bad, & The Great Of Donald Trump’s Candidacy

Excerpted from David Stockman's forthcoming book "Trumped! A Nation On The Brink Of Ruin… And How To Bring It Back", In the great scheme of history, the Donald’s great purpose may be to simply disrupt and paralyze the status quo. And that much he may accomplish whether he is elected or not. For what is actually happening is […]

Leader Of Belgium’s Largest Political Party Calls For “Patriot Act” To Crack Down On Terrorism

Last week we observed that Germany quietly escalated the potential for a “proportional” response to upcoming terrorist attacks (by those admitted in the country thanks to Merkel’s “open door” immigration policy) by including the army, in what to many sounds dangerously close to preannouncing martial law under “special cases.” Recall that during a press conference […]

Seven Places Where WW3 Could Start At Any Time

Submitted by Joshua Krause via, It seems like you can’t watch the news anymore without stumbling onto a story that contains terrifying global implications. Not since the Cold War have tensions been so high among the nations of the world. You can strike sparks just about anywhere. The threat of another global war is […]

Why The IRS Is Probing The Clinton Foundation

"Clinton Cash" author, Peter Schweizer, recently took to the airwaves to explain why the IRS investigation of the Clinton Foundation should be a "big deal" (also see Clinton Cash: "Devastating" Documentary Reveals How Clintons Went From "Dead Broke" To Mega Wealthy") even though he expressed some "skepticism" over the ability of Obama's IRS to run […]

Still Report #1086 – Hillary Cannot Possibly Win

Rahm Emanuel Says Chicago Pension Crisis “Improving”, Facts Show He Is Lying

Submitted by Michael Shedlock via, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel brags about balancing the Chicago budget and fixing the city’s pension plans. Reuters writer Dave McKinney took the lies hook line and sinker. Mark Glennon at Wirepoints Illinois separates fact from fiction in his article Chicago’s Friday Bunk Dump. This is a guest post by […]

Trump’s Response To Parents Of Killed Muslim Soldier: “Hillary Voted For The Iraq War, Not Me!”

With the media in full frenzy during the past three days over the public feud between the Pakistan-born Khizr Khan, who last week told the story of his son, a Muslim US army captain who received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart after being killed in Iraq in 2004, and Donald Trump, earlier this […]