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Lying Hillary, Pinocchio and Pinchuk / By Saint John Hunt / August 31, 2016

Almost everyone knows the wonderful tale of Pinocchio.  You remember, right?  He wanted to be a real boy but unfortunately, he was made of wood.  He wanted, to be honest, but he just couldn’t stop lying. There was, however, an issue with his nose.  Pinocchio’s nose was afflicted by a strange occurrence.  When he lied, it grew, and grew, and grew so everybody could see. That story has a happy ending.  Here’s another story for you.

Hillary Clinton is the modern-day Pinocchio.  She wants to be a real president, but unfortunately she’s more or less made of wood.  She pretends, to be honest, but she just can’t stop lying.  The difference is that Hillary’s nose doesn’t grow.  If it did, in relation to her lying, her nose would dwarf the redwoods of Northern California.  By now it would traverse the seven-mile bridge to Key West.

This is just my way of introducing the latest in an endless number of Hillary Clinton lies.  I’m talking about her relationship with Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.  Who is Viktor Pinchuk?  He is perhaps the Ukraine’s wealthiest industrialist.  He also happens to have donated almost $10 million to the Clinton Foundation between 1999 and 2014.  In addition, the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation transferred at least $8.6 million to the Clinton Global Initiative between 2009 and 2013. These donations were done at a time when Hillary Clinton was our Secretary of State and while Mr. Pinchuk courted Clinton’s favor and met many times with State Department officials.  Pay to play.


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