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Don’t Chop Down the Tree / BY JARED DILLIAN / SEPTEMBER 8, 2016

I am a huge James Bond fan, and my fanaticism has picked up dramatically in the last 10 years, since Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond.

Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever. There is no argument about it. I don’t want to read anything about Sean Connery in the comments section. I have seen every Bond movie multiple times. I will bet my career on it.

I’m often accused of being overdressed. I wear suits as often as possible (except in the summer in South Carolina), and it is because of James Bond. There really is no such thing as being overdressed, in my opinion.

Anyway, maybe you saw the news Tuesday that Sony Pictures really, really, really wants Daniel Craig to come back and do two more movies, and they are willing to pay him $150 million to do it, which would make him one of the highest-paid actors of all time. Maybe the highest paid.

Daniel Craig has said he would rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again, when offered £68 million before. He told them to pack sand.

$150 million to do two movies.

Now look, I don’t care if it’s waterboarding we’re talking about, I’d get waterboarded—twice—to get paid $150 million. Playing James Bond can’t be worse than being waterboarded.

I think Mr. Craig had other ideas about what he wanted out of his career, artistically speaking, and he thinks that the Bond movies are uber-cheesy and his acting chops are being wasted on this drivel.


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