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The passion of ants, the passion of humans / by Jon Rappoport / September 9, 2016

The passion of ants is for specialized, compartmentalized, automatic, repetitive work. The separate workers conspire to build the whole. Again and again.

The passion of humans starts with the individual. What does he want? Can he break through to the sensation and feeling and vision of what he wants, so that he moves into action?

Can he taste it and touch it and invent it?

Can he rise above the ants?

Can he throw off the restraints of the group and the propaganda of the group and group-think? Can he breathe the air of his own life? Can he exceed a simple pleasure/pain standard? Can he return to his own passion every day without making his pursuit of it mechanical?

Can he?

And through how many levels of small ambitions can he climb to see what he truly desires?

These are lives I’m talking about—the lives of individuals.


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