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15 Years Ago Today… / by Karl Denninger / 2016-09-11 00:00

a band of muslim terrorists boarded aircraft in major American cities with murder and mayhem on their mind.

Their intent was to hijack the aircraft and use them as kinetic cruise missiles, their fuel as an incendiary bomb and the kinetic energy as the means of dispersal of same.  The persons inside were considered expendable, including themselves — along with both passengers and crew.

Three such groups succeeded in hitting their targets.  The fourth failed because the passengers discovered the plot and decided that while they were nearly-certain to die, they were not going to do so quietly and allow the hijacker’s plot to succeed.  They were successful in disrupting the attack, but not in regaining control of the aircraft, which struck the ground at some 500+mph, forming an impact crater and disintegrating into pieces so small in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania that little identifiable as “formerly from an airplane” was recoverable.

There have been many conspiracy theories since 9/11, most centered around the twin towers in NYC.  A few claim the Pentagon was hit by a missile, despite many people on the ground witnessing the impact.  The nutters who are part of this “movement” ought to be shunned by anyone with an ounce of either common sense or intelligence; in my view they are either musloid apologists, intellectually challenged, intentionally dishonest or insane.


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