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Cars Have Become Sail Fawns / Eric Peters / 

Modern cars are increasingly analogous to consumer electronics. They are basically throw-aways. They are either not cost-effective to fix after a certain point or they become obsolete, insofar as not being the “latest” things.

Of course this was also true in the past.

A car accrued miles; eventually it wore out.

But the cost to keep an older car operational in its middle age was less than now. And what was typical then was the drivetrain wore out or the body rotted out – usually around the same time as the rest of the car wore out.

Modern cars, on the other hand, typically remain mechanically and structurally sound for a very long time. But once their electronics begin to fritz out, they begin to nickel and dime you to death with problems.

Not infrequently, it amounts to more than just nickels and dimes.


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