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Hillary Clinton Relents, Will Release More Health Information “Over Next Few Days”

It appears Trump’s decision to release more details of his own health (following a full medical last week), the Clinton campaign has just announced that it will release “additional medical information” about the presidential candidate in the next few days.

Trump said earlier that he has taken tests related to his health and will be releasing “specific numbers.” He said the reports will be finished later this week.

And in response, as MSNBC reports, Clinton aide Brian Fallon says,

Hillary Clinton will put out additional medical information over the next few days.

Even establishment Democrats are growing concerned at Clinton’s behavior… (as The Hill reports)

David Axelrod took a shot at Hillary Clinton on Monday, suggesting the Democratic presidential nominee has “an unhealthy penchant for privacy.



The former White House senior adviser to President Obama weighed in on Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis while inquiring about a “cure” for Clinton’s penchant for privacy.


Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri responded to Axelrod, admitting, “We could have done better yesterday” while defending access to Clinton.

So to be clear, having attempted to destroy anyone who even mentioned
Hillary’s health concerns, the Clinton campaign is now coming clean with
details – fully redacted we are sure – of just how sick she is.