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Trump Slams Fed’s “False Stock Market”, Says Yellen Should Be “Ashamed” / by Tyler Durden / Sep 12, 2016 11:07 AM

By keeping interest rates low, the Fed has created a “false stock market,” Donald Trump argued in a wide-ranging CNBC interview, exclaiming that Fed Chair Janet Yellen and central bank policymakers are very political, and should be “ashamed” of what they’re doing to the country, “The Fed is not even close to being independent.”

Trump said rates are being kept lower to bolster Obama’s legacy

“Any increase at all will be a very, very small increase because they want to keep the market up so Obama goes out and let the new guy … raise interest rates … and watch what happens in the stock market.”

Doubting whether rates would change while Obama remains in office, Trump said: “[Obama] wants to go out. He wants to play golf for the rest of this life. And he doesn’t care what’s going to happen after January.”

“These crazy, low interest rates, they’re not always going to be this way…”


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