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Body Doubles: A Very Handy Politico’s Tool, From LBJ to HRC / By Phillip F. Nelson / September 14, 2016

An interesting story about a purported “Hillary Double” is now bouncing around the internet, even though it has not yet broken through the “glass ceiling” that covers the Mainstream Media (MSM), except for a few places where it is mentioned in hushed tones, as yet another “conspiracy theory.”

In the latest case of a politician with a  body double (there have been rumors of others, besides those of Hillary Clinton and Lyndon Johnson), the rumor suggests that Clinton has had a decades-long association with a lookalike named Teresa Barnwell.  The photos below were published at the website Viral Liberty today:[i]

The accompanying report notes the fact that when Mrs. Clinton left the event at the 9/11 memorial ceremony she collapsed and had to be lifted by several of her attendants into her van.  Clearly, that vehicle is specially equipped to accommodate her needs and is never very far away from where she is.  After it drove off, instead of taking the obviously very ill candidate to a hospital, it turned out that less than an hour later, she emerged from her daughter Chelsea’s apartment building looking as “fit as a fiddle.”  Still another rumor has it that Chelsea’s apartment includes a special room that is equipped just for her mother’s needs: A standard hospital room, with the bed and all the other related medical appliances one might find in a hospital.


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