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With about six weeks remaining before the highly volatile US presidential election it appears the ruling elite could be officially going for it all. That is, in terms of destroying America.

With ISIS stories apparently on the side burner, and with too much attention focused on the Hillary saga, and with George Soros (like the DNC and the Clinton Foundation before him) now exposed for not only funding the Black Lives Matter civil unrest psyop to the tune of 33 million dollarsbut also for his agenda to federalize the local police in America, all of a sudden in one day the mainstream media is reporting on not one, not two but three chaotic stories which, given the strong history of staged events we’ve seen over the past few years, could all be psyop events to move the ruling elites plan to create chaos and unrest in America going forward.

The first of these three events (at the time of this article or 16 hours after the incident) takes place in Philadelphia where a lunatic “unidentified” shooter is said to have suddenly and for no particular reason run up to a police car and just started shooting randomly at police officer Sgt Silvia Young. Sgt Young (get this) gets shot up all over, a total of 8 times and still survives and is in stable condition. Former police officer Ed Miller also supposedly gets shot but there is no specific information about this other than we’re told he, too, is in stable condition.

Before we get into the other two bizarre and very suspicious stories of the day, all truth seekers should pay attention to this first very important point. Aside from the fact that all the details regarding this shooting are blurry and lack motive and some of the details given are sketchy at best, please take notice of who is issuing out, or should I say who is CONTROLLING the information (think Lt Paul Vance Sandy Hook psyop), it’s this often cited Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross. So instead of immediately calling this a false flag staged event (like so many events today) just notice for yourself who seems to be assigned to laying down the narrative. This is a huge thing for truth seekers to pick up on (think now soon to be former Police Chief David Brown):


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