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Electric Seppuku / By Eric Peters /  

You have probably watched a samurai movie – and know about Seppuku. Ritual suicide to avoid the shame of being dishonored – particularly by defeat in war.

VW is in the process of committing Seppuku.

The electric car serving as its samurai sword.

The imbecile shame over having “cheated” government emissions tests (like “cheating” a speed trap by using a radar detector) being the motivator for the disembowelment-in-process.

Which takes the form of a corporate decision to embrace the electric car shibboleth; to stake the future of the company (and whatever money’s left for R&D after paying off Uncle and the lawyers) on electric car development rather the IC-engined (diesel or gas) cars. This being the equivalent of a person accused of making a racially offensive remark holding a cringing public apology-fest with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (maybe both) standing by the offender’s side.

It is not going to fix the problem.

Growing a pair would, but VW management doesn’t appear much interested in that.


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