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House Committee Reviewing “Oh Shit” Guy’s “Troubling” Reddit Thread

Earlier today we wrote about a Reddit thread that was allegedly created by Paul Combetta, the “Oh Shit” guy of Platte River Networks, seeking tech advice on how to “strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived emails” (see details here: “Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary’s “Oh Shit” Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To ‘Strip VIP’s Emails’“). 

“Ironically,” the day before the Reddit thread appeared, the Benghazi Committee reached an agreement with the State Department on the production of email and other records related to their investigation.  How weird, right?

Well, it seems as though the Reddit thread is getting some attention on Capitol Hill as well.  Earlier, Mark Meadows (R-NC), Chair of the Government Operations subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee, told The Hill that committee staff are reviewing the Reddit thread and find the “date of the Reddit post in relationship to the establishment of the Select Committee on Benghazi [to be] troubling.”

“The Reddit post issue and its connection to Paul Combetta is currently being reviewed by OGR staff and evaluations are being made as to the authenticity of the post.”


“If it is determined that the request to change email addresses was made by someone so closely aligned with the Secretary’s IT operation as Mr. Combetta, then it will certainly prompt additional inquiry.  The date of the Reddit post in relationship to the establishment of the Select Committee on Benghazi is also troubling.”


Of course, as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the “Oh Shit” guy was granted immunity by the DOJ for cooperating with the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s email scandal (see “The “Oh Shit” Guy That Wiped Hillary’s Server With BleachBit Was Just Granted Immunity“).

Therefore, the only question left to answer is what recourse, if any, Congress and/or the FBI has to nullify Combetta’s immunity agreement with the DOJ if he is found to have withheld information and/or committed perjury while being questioned by federal agents?