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SYRIA: Negotiations and the Battlefield ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban / BY VANESSA BEELEY / SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban
Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad

The moment the Syrian Arab Army liberates an area from terrorists, voices in the West begin to express worry about civilians and their humanitarian situation, calling for a truce and the delivery of aid! The harmony between the situation the terrorists find themselves in and the West’s worries has become apparent at different junctures.

This proves that the West, which had occupied #Iraq with its own troops, has only changed its tactics, using instead proxies in the form of terrorist groups that are funded, armed, and directed from abroad. We saw many countries moving in their troops and heavy weapons when these terrorist groups failed to achieve the objectives planned for them.

Therefore, the results of the meeting between #Kerry and #Lavrov on 9 September indicates without a doubt that the difficulty of having any dialogue is rooted in the fact that it is between those who targeted #Syria, and those who stood firm in protecting the Syrian state and people.


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