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The Neo-Con Threat: What Prevents The East From Taking Action? / by Jeff Nielson / 19 September 2016

The great, geopolitical Game goes on and on, yet most people cannot even correctly identify the players. The West’s so-called “sovereign” governments are not Kings in this game, they are Pawns – the Pawns of the oligarch trillionaires (based in the West) who created this Game.

Similarly, the brainwashed masses in Western nations have been increasingly programmed to view Russia and China as “enemies”. This is a reversal of nearly a quarter century of opposite programming previous to this, where the Western propaganda machine depicted Russia and China as new friends. During this time; the oligarchs sought to woo Russia and China into their collection of vassal states.

They failed. They failed because Russia and China are neither the friends nor the enemies of these oligarchs, and the puppet governments they control. They are Victims. From the Opium Wars through to today; Russia and China remember all too well how the West’s empires, in their various incarnations, have sought to destroy Russia and China – again and again.

Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.

Russia and China (along with most of the Rest of the World) wanted only to be left alone by the Western Crime Syndicate, which currently manifests itself in the form of the U.S. empire. However, for whatever reason, the current generation of oligarch Puppet Masters are the most-rapacious and psychopathic, in all of their centuries of ruling from behind the Throne.


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