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Lifelong Democrat and Former RFK Speechwriter Comes Out For Trump / Michael Krieger / Sep 22, 2016

The 2016 election season has been revealing in all sorts of meaningful ways. We’ve seen countless mainstream Republicans, particularly neocons, come out and passionately endorse Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. More interesting than the fact they did this, was that they actually thought this would damage Trump. In contrast, it has helped him more than they could have ever imagined.

Indeed, as I noted in last week’s post, The Status Quo vs. Donald Trump:

The incredible irony of the situation is that in its failed attempts to make him unacceptable, mainstream Republicans have made him palatable. Trump couldn’t convincingly turn himself into “outsider” on his own. He needed help, and he has received it in droves from the GOP establishment. Meanwhile, the most pathetic part of it all is the fact that these so-called “conservative thought leaders” and politicians still don’t understand how absolutely despised they are by the general public. They think their “stand against Trump” hurts him, when in reality it just makes him grow stronger and gives him the street cred he never had before.

This rallying around Hillary by establishment Republicans merely solidified what so many people already suspected. Frustrated that one of their puppets couldn’t get the nomination and provide Americans with another false choice between two bought and paid for stooges, much of the GOP establishment immediately rushed in to support their supposed enemy, Hillary Clinton.


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