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Jackie, Timmy, and Bill

Yesterday, I was intrigued to see on how Bill Fleckenstein called Tim Seymour “a jerk” on the air, since Tim was needling Bill about missing out on the Fed-created stock market rally.


I was immediately reminded of what happened just over two years ago, on the exact same network, with Bill and – – this time – – Jackie D. I did a snarky post about the encounter.


Interestingly, after CNBC dumped its arrogance all over Mr. Fleckenstein (see red arrow below), the following took place on the Dow Jones Composite for the next month.


CNBC, naturally, doesn’t hire based on analytical skills or critical thinking. As Ms. DeAngelis demonstrates, the network executives are pursuing other asset classes:

All I can say is that I hope Bill doesn’t bother going back on this permabull network (whose viewership has been crumbling for years). Keep fighting the good fight, and keep rocking that awesome head of hair.