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Obama Explains How Hillary Wins The Debate

When asked for his advice to Hillary Clinton on how to ‘win’ the debate on Monday, President Obama has 2 simple words: “Be Yourself.”

As Politico reports, President Barack Obama wants Hillary Clinton to “be yourself and explain what motivates you” when she takes the stage Monday night for her first presidential debate.


Obama offered the advice during an interview on ABC with “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts.


Roberts took time to ask the president what advice he might offer to Clinton ahead of Monday night’s debate, to which the president responded that his former secretary of state should allow the American public to see her.


“I’ve gotten to know Hillary and seen her work, seen her in tough times and in good times,” Obama said of his former secretary of state. “She’s in this for the right reasons.”

However, we suspect that “being herself” could be a major problem, given her record high ‘unfavorability’…

Source: HuffPo