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Surprise, Surprise! The FED Decides to Keep Rates Steady

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Surprise, Surprise! The FED Decides to Keep Rates Steady





Well, there you go! As predicted, Janet Yellen and her peers within the FED have decided once again to take the dovish approach and keep rates steady, opting not to raise them.


The markets foolishly were entertaining the idea that they would increase them, but as I have stated before, this is not in the FED’s best interest and they have no intentions of setting the markets spinning before the elections are settled in November.


Raising rates would directly harm the markets and send them lower. It would hurt Obama’s legacy on his way out the door and thus damage the chances of his successor, Hillary Clinton, winning come November 8th.


Now, many market pundits are coming to the same conclusion that most of us in the precious metals community have reached long ago. Rates are going to remain dovish, the markets are going to continue to stagnant, and all the funny money in the world is not going to dig us out of this mess.


Many others are saying that she “missed her best chance to raise rates”. Perhaps this is the truth, as the high from the copious amounts of money printed is rapidly
losing its effects and reality is setting in that we are in no better of a position than when this crisis began back in 2008.


In fact, we are in a far more dangerous scenario, with hostilities against Russia at all-time highs, terrorism running amuck due to horribly flawed Western policies, and a stock market that could tank any day now.


Now market participants are looking into next year and asking the questions, “will the FED raise rates then?” and “can they, even if they wanted to?”. The answer is complicated and is undoubtedly yes, they can, but the reality is, will they? Unlikely.


For now, the MOPE continues and the blind continue to lead the blind. Markets are rising and the high keeps going. For now.



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Surprise, Surprise! The FED Decides to Keep Rates Steady

Written by Nathan McDonald