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Progressive, Heal Thyself / By James Ostrowski via Art Voice / October 1, 2016

Once again, race riots plague America, this time in Charlotte, a relatively prosperous and quiet city in North Carolina.  Not a good sign.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  Volumes.

My main work as a writer at this point is to discover, analyze and expose the various mindsets that have us trapped in problems, unable to grasp some very obvious and sensible solutions to those problems.  I spent forty years trying to change things through the political process and by writing hundreds of articles that, in my opinion, diagnosed problems and proposed workable solutions.  The response, not only to my modest efforts but to the whole liberty movement, was a yawn.  People did not listen.  They did not want to hear it.

A good example is my 2009 book, Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids.  In that book, I laid out the case against the schools in plain, factual, and mostly non-ideological terms.  Yet, I found that it is nearly impossible to move people away from a robotic attitude supporting these awful places.  Crime, violence, open sex, and rampant drug use?  Who cares?  “I went there and look how I turned out.”  Whenever I hear that, I am always tempted to say, “Your honor, I rest my case!”

So what are the mindsets that are blocking actual progress? Progressivism, leftism, and anarchism.  I have done lots of work deconstructing and, frankly, demolishing progressivism.  I have just started scratching the surface of the other two mindsets mentioned.  Leftism plays a role here.  I see leftism as a projection of personal unhappiness into the world of politics whereby the leftist uses the state when they control it, or private violence when they don’t, to do damage to those who are the object of the leftist’s colossal envy and thereby somehow reduce the leftist’s chronic misery.  That being the case, leftism has been an extremely dangerous ideology in history and is so now.  Its body count is enormous. We are only spared from catastrophic damage by the relatively small numbers of leftists in America.  On the other hand, they are extremely active and quite fanatical as can be seen when they quickly migrate to cities in distress to spark riots and bloodshed as they have in Charlotte.


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