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‘Libertarian’ VP Candidate Will Focus His Energy on Trashing Trump / Michael Krieger / 

Unlike during the 2012 election, when I supported Gary Johnson’s Presidential bid, I have not backed him at all during his 2016 run.There are several reasons for my lack of enthusiasm, but the driving concern has been his apparent support for the sovereignty-destroying, corporatist coup masquerading as a free trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Until recently, I assumed he must have a thought out reason for supporting the calamitous pact, but following his recent foreign policy gaffes, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s probably just clueless.

This cluelessness seems to extend to his judgment in picking a running-mate, as his VP choice, William Weld, is now publicly embarrassing Johnson by stating he will focus his efforts on defeating Trump as opposed to pushing his own ticket to the voters.

As reported by the Boston Globe:


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