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Auroville’s “Utopia”: A Town without Money or Politics? /  / October 7, 2016

A video by David Wolfe about the town of Auroville, India is being shared around social media again and the town is presented as a self-sustaining, utopian paradise void of such unseemly hindrances as money, religion, and politics.

Unfortunately, like nearly everything circulating in the meme-feed these days, if it seems too good to be true it is. In this case, the information presented by the video maker should be rated by PolitiFact as a “pants on fire lie.” Digging beneath the surface, however, reveals that the City of the Dawn established in 1968 by a person called “The Mother” is rife with predictable economic realities that border on hilarities when compared to the presentation in David Wolfe’s 60-second Facebook video.

I’ll only address Wolfe’s claims here and won’t even go into the matters of corruption and crime which have become serious problems in Auroville.

Auroville as a “Moneyless Society”

Theoretically, the only ways a society could exist without money would be a barter economy, void of any medium of exchange, or a complete command economy. A thorough perusal of Auroville’s official website, however, reveals that neither of these hypothetical organizations fits Auroville’s situation, though redistribution of production is influenced by a central authority.


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