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The FBI, Jerry Nadler, Hillary Clinton and Me / By Roger Stone / October 7, 2016

Last week partisan shill Congressman Jerry Nadler called on the FBI director to “investigate Roger Stone for his ties to Wikileaks and Julian Assange”. It’s an abuse of power and a witch hunt worthy of Sen. Joe McCarthy. If Jerry Nadler had left any sense of decency he’d be ashamed. The still corpulent Congressman now admits the questions were fed to him by Clinton money-launderer David Brock.

In a scathing article by New York Post’s Paul Sperry, we learn more about the FBI’s leniency towards prime material witnesses and targets in their investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Rather than clearing Clinton, the 50 plus pages of documents show a massive cover up including systematic destruction of subpoenaed evidence by Clinton’s aides and the lack of FBI interest in recovering it.  Agents failed to prosecute their duties including reconciling contradictory testimony or re-interrogate uncooperative witnesses.  In addition, the FBI failed to pursue the most basic lines of standard questioning even letting Clinton aides sit in on Clinton’s interviews despite the thew obvious conflict of interest.

The latest in this unraveling tale of corruption shows how the FBI granted immunity to Clinton’s e-mail administrator Paul Combetta in exchange for full cooperation and honest testimony.  The House Judiciary Committee has since learned that he lied after he was granted immunity.  That’s a felony.


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