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2020 Vision

In less than a month, we will know who our President will be for the next four years (cough President Pantsuit cough cough). Way back in January, my post about the election stated simply: “Hillary Clinton will win the election if things more or less, kinda sorta stay the same. In other words, the status quo begets the status quo.”

In case you didn’t notice, over the nine months since I did that post, things have sorta kinda stayed the same. Central bankers still control the world. Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon are billionaires that will never be charged with a crime. Hillary and Bill can act with impunity. Nothing has changed. No big terrorist attacks. No financial panic has been allowed. It’s all……the same.

Trump actually had a better chance than I gave credit for. If he (1) didn’t suck so bad at the first debate (2) hadn’t been caught shooting his mouth off about women, he might actually have won. As it is now, though, with two candidates everyone hates, it seems like the lying, crooked one is going to beat the megalomaniac. So, given that, here’s what I think is next:

  • Upon losing, Trump will say all kinds of stuff about how rigged the system is and how his loss proves it. He’ll hint strongly that something untoward has taken place, then he’ll exit stage right and go back to attaching his name to products and services as if nothing had ever happened.
  • Hillary will yammer on about what a victory this is for women, and how she wants to unite the nation, and all that other happy horseshit. Once she’s sworn in, though, she’s going to discover that pretty much everyone hates her guts, so she’ll probably spend four years hiding in the oval office.
  • You think you saw gridlock during Obama’s term? You think you saw his agenda get frozen by a legislative branch that despises him? Just wait for Clinton. Obama had an arm-in-arm relationship with Congress compared to what she’s going to have. People shouldn’t worry so much about her stuffing the Supreme Court with appointees. Congress isn’t going to confirm anybody.
  • The Republican Party will offer a silent prayer of thanks that they lost, try to polish up their brand, and find their job infinitely easier in 2020 by going up against a woman that everyone hates (particularly since she’ll be dealing with a financial shitstorm for which everyone blames her), and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be able to find a candidate with a little more charisma and talent that, oh, say, the likes of Chris Christie or Ben Carson.

So there you have it. The only good news for me is that Clinton is going to get completely blamed for the disaster that’s approaching. The public is too dim to understand Presidents have nothing to do with economic cycles (sorta like how her husband got all the credit for the boom years of the 1990s, even though he just happened to be in the right place at the right time). It’s too bad someone so corrupt is going to win, but least it will be entertaining to watch her fail.