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And Now The Bombshell / by Karl Denninger / 2016-10-09

Why the Friday evening release of the infamous “Trump tape” — a poor time in the news cycle?

Because Crooked Hillary definitely did not want you to pay attention to the transcripts from her paid private speeches.

In them she said:

  • “You have to have a public position and a private position on policy.”  In other words: Lie to the voters, deliver for those who give you money.

  • Her “dream” was a “hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”  Immigration reform eh?  Her version of it is to simply remove the borders entirely, despite the fact that this would allow unbridled access to not only criminals but terrorists as well. Remember this, in the context of the above — lie to the voters, deliver to those who give you money.

  • She admits she has sold herself to Goldman Sachs, saying that the “needs” their support to win.


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