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Microsoft’s Hololens Brings Holographic Computing to the Real World / FS STAFF / 10/07/2016

“The first moment I put a Hololens on my head and fired it up, the first thought that came to my mind was, ‘science fiction is now reality,’” Matt Witkamp, Director of Emerging Technology for Citizen Inc, said in a recent podcast interview with Financial Sense.

What Is the Hololens?

In contrast to virtual reality, which completely covers the user’s eyes, the Hololens has a see-through display where holographic, 2-dimension information is inserted into your field of vision.

Since the Hololens also maps your surroundings in real-time, holographic representations are able to interact with the world.

Sounds as well, which come from speakers just above the ears, are projected based on distance and location of any holograms in your view.

“It was like these virtual beings or objects are actually a part of physical reality,” Witkamp noted.

The thing that was most impressive to him was how real the experience was, and how natural interacting with these holographic images became. The Hololens creates what Witkamp termed “mixed reality,” where head and motion tracking are combined with the overlay of augmented reality, allowing holograms to appear to stay fixed in the environment.


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