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Post-p***y analysis: Trump talked about women almost as crudely as Bill Clinton treated them / Saturday, October 08, 2016 / by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Trump grabbed it, Hillary ate it and Bill assaulted it

So now the U.S. presidential circus descends into the gutter with an almost insane, sad hilarity to it all. We’ve got a lewd, p***y-grabbing Trump who actually has great financial sense and is running as a legitimate outsider who can shake up the system.

Then we’ve got Hillary Clinton and her spy / lover sidekick Huma, with Bill Clinton assault victim Gennifer Flowers explaining that Bill Clinton told her “Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.” (Seriously, I warned you this article was going to get crude…)

And finally we have Bill himself, who is a serial rapist and sexual assault predator who gets a free pass by the same leftist media trying to destroy Trump. Every time Bill rapes another women, Hillary’s job is to cover it up and destroy the victim, and if you ask me,destroying some woman’s reputation for real is far worse than anything Trump might be saying in mere words.

Has any woman accused Donald Trump of raping them? Assaulting them? Biting their lip until they bled? Not a single one. But Bill Clinton has been accused of all those and more. Whatever Donald Trump does with women in their bedrooms, it is apparently carried out with consent. Contrast that to the legacy of Bill Clinton, who is the white, legally immune version of Bill Cosby, engaged in actual sexual ASSAULTS of women who are then double victimized when Hillary comes along and destroys their reputations for threatening to speak out.

Trump’s words were horrific and stupid, but Bill and Hillary Clinton’s actions were CRIMINAL.

And while every effort in the world is being made to dredge up every personality flaw and verbal gaffe Donald Trump ever made, the same measure of effort is being used to cover up, gloss over or bury the real crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton. So the scrutiny, you see, is all directed solely at one candidate.

We are all being told to ignore the traitorous actions of Hillary Clinton and her massive Clinton cartel of corruption while solely focusing our full attention on Donald Trump’s “p***y grabbing” comment from 2005. This is nothing more than journalistic sleight of hand to keep you focused on one thing while they’re stealing the election.


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