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“Sharing Economy” Reveals that Licensing Laws Are Really About Shutting Down the Competition / Brittany Hunter / 10/07/2016

The sharing economy has completely reshaped the way we do business with each other as well as expanded opportunities for those looking to go into business for themselves. While the rest of the world is celebrating the accessibility and affordability that the sharing economy has brought to numerous sectors, there are those who see this emerging market as “highly disturbing.”

Armand Lauzon was frustrated as he watched his cousin struggling to make it in the “brick and mortar” world of nail care. In the salon where Lauzon’s cousin worked as a manicurist, it was typical for the owners to take a 50-85 percent cut of its employee’s earnings. Additionally, the salon also enforced a strict scheduling policy that did not always provide convenient options for its employees.

Saddened to see so many of his cousin’s coworkers strive towards the American Dream with hardly anything to show for it, Lauzon decide to take matters into his own hands.

Lauzon created “Belle,” a website that promises “beauty and health where you are.” According to Forbes, Belle seeks to connect potential customers with professionals looking for work. Currently, Belle features a variety of professional health and beauty services including chiropractic care and makeup artists.

Belle has already helped facilitate the booking of over 500 appointments. Since Lauzon only takes a 15 percent cut of its professionals’ earnings, many have managed to triple their income. However, not everyone in the community was enthusiastic about Lauzon’s efforts.


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