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The REAL Issue Hillary DOES NOT Want Discussed / by Karl Denninger / 2016-10-09

Donald Trump said a bad thing (or three, or six), and described women who consent to encounters with rich and powerful men.  Yeah, it’s locker-room garbage and unbecoming.

Now let’s contrast that with acts — specifically the acts that Hillary Clinton has undertaken for essentially her entire political and professional life, starting with her outrageous filings in a case where she defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl.

Let’s not forget that she filed a motion in that case alleging with no supporting documentation whatsoever that (1) the girl liked older men, (2) she had accused others of sexual assault and (3) she was prone to fantasies.  She filed this motion knowing that (1) there was physical evidence in possession of the police in the form of underwear with bodily fluids on it and (2) the victim had been literally stitched back together in a hospital following the assault.  In other words, she knew that a sexual assault had taken place but accused the victim of fantasizing it.  That’s a fact folks — a fact that Hillary does not want to sink in your consciousness.


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