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US Air Force Drops Dummy Nukes in Nevada Dessert / by Joseph Jankowski of Planet Free Will / Oct 9, 2016 11:17 AM

The U.S. Air Force dropped two dummy nukes in the Nevada desert earlier this month in what it called an effort to modernize and assess the performance of the U.S. nuclear stockpile.

In collaboration with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Air Force successfully tested two B61 nuclear bombs. Neither carried a live warhead.

An NNSA statement reads:

The primary objective of flight testing is to obtain reliability, accuracy, and performance data under operationally representative conditions. Such testing is part of the qualification process of current alterations and life extension programs for weapon systems. NNSA scientists and engineers use data from these tests in computer simulations developed by Sandia National Laboratories to evaluate the weapon systems’ reliability and to verify that they are functioning as designed.


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