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Where NOT To Go When It’s Time To Bug Out And Why!

This article was originally published by Sgt. Bob Cooley at American Preppers Online and sourced via The Prepper Website.


Hello my friend and welcome back to another post!  Today we are going to look at where not to go when it comes time to bug out and why.  It’s never ceases to amaze me how many People really don’t have a plan for when it comes time to bug out and head to safety. Even some Preppers I have met haven’t really thought through their plan so that is today’s topic. Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

We all need a solid plan that we have thought through every detail on when it comes to surviving a disaster.  Even the Red Cross has begun pushing the idea of having a plan and being ready for disasters.  This is because they understand that fooling yourself and not really planning for a disaster can be deadly!   As Preppers, we all recognize the value of being prepared; otherwise we wouldn’t be going through all of the trouble of Prepping in the first place.  But how many of us have actually put forth the time and effort to create a detailed plan based on different scenarios and then followed through to be sure the plan is sound by looking at it from all angles?  Here are some of the places you don’t want to bug out to when the time comes:

National Forest – How many times have I heard people (including some Preppers) say “I will just grab my stuff and head for the nearest State Park because there is plenty of food there I can kill to survive!”?  The trouble with that plan is that every person in the cities that are not prepared will be thinking the same thing, and will starve as a result.  What you will wind up with are hordes of starving people stumbling around in the forest with guns and no idea what they are doing. They are going to be shooting at anything that moves, including each other.  Besides all of that, the wild game is smart enough to move on when people start showing up leaving the unprepared to starve.  People will form tribes to protect the wild game in the area they consider to be theirs.  Death, Disease, and Violence is all that awaits you at pretty much any National Park.

Large Lakes – At first thought, this might actually seem like a good idea, but unfortunately it’s not.  Without electricity to power the water pumps, many will see no other choice than to head to a big lake nearby.  They will be thinking that they can catch enough fish in the lake to survive on as well as having fresh water to drink.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Why you may ask?  It is simple really; thousands of people will be thinking the same thing.  At first, everyone will think they have made a good decision, but they have only prolonged the inevitable.  It won’t take long for hundreds of people to fish the lake dry of fish.   Most lakes here in the US simply can’t handle that level of over fishing.  People will begin to get very hungry.  They will also become sick from drinking the water from the lake.  Although it may look very clean, it still contains viruses and germs that can make you very sick, if you even survive it at all.   Add to this that most banks are sloped toward the water and people will be using the toilet behind every bush and log they can find.  The lake will quickly become contaminated and drinking the water will become deadly.  Large lakes are definitely not the safe heaven you are looking for!

Military Bases – Yet another “Plan” that I have heard is “I will just grab my stuff and go to the nearest Military Base; they will take care of me.  That is their jobs after all!”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth is that most US Military Bases are not setup to take in refugees in the event of a disaster.  They simply don’t keep enough supplies on hand to handle and house large crowds and will turn you away, even at gun point if needed.  They will tell you very quickly that you are on you own and good luck.  Military Bases are surely not the answer to surviving a disaster and you need to be very aware of that simple fact.

In truth, the only sure way to have a chance to survive a major disaster, is to start planning now for what to do when the time comes.  If you don’t have some place to go that you know you will be safe, talk to your close friends and family members and purchase some land that is big enough to plant gardens and raise animals on.  Make plans to meet there and work together to survive.  Have a water well dug to provide clean water and then boil it before you drink it.  No matter how clean it looks, it will probably need to be sterilized before drinking it.

Make a plan and don’t wait until the last minute to be sure your plan is survivable.  Plan now and put forth the effort to secure a safe place for you and your family when the collapse comes.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!  God Bless America!

Sgt. Bob Cooley is an US ARMY Veteran , ex-Deputy Sheriff, Patriot, Survivalist and a Prepper. He is the founder of America Preppers Online where he regularly shares his knowledge about preparedness and other important topics.