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CNN Anchor Warns Of Post-Election Violence Due To “Hatred Dripping From Trump’s Mouth”

Capping a week of almost unprecedentedly biased coverage of the US presidential campaign, CNN outdid itself last night. Following Donald Trump's scatching speech on Thursday – unleashing some of the most uncomfortable truthiness America has every heard from a non-tin-foil-hat-wearing basement-dwelling deplorable blogger – Brian Stelter suggested that the Republican nominee may be inciting violence which could last beyond the election.

"He’s dangerous…"

"For a long time, people treated Donald Trump like he was a joke. Right now, it’s a very serious drama. That speech was paranoid and that speech was dangerous. It was a speech driven with hatred. A speech driven with contempt. Railing against bankers, and corporations, and the media, and this grand conspiracy that somehow he has only been able to connect the dots of. It sounded a lot like a dog whistle to a lot of people."


"If there is violence and unrest after election day, I think we now know why based on the hatred dripping out of that man’s mouth."

Meanwhile, the Hillbama administration calls half of America 'deplorable' and 'irredeemable', urges press censorship, and declares war on Russia? And less 3 out of 10 Americans believe the country is going in the right direction. We suggest that Trump is merely the messenger of a message that for too many years has been suppressed by the same media that now pushes their choice of candidate down "we, the people"'s throat.

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FACT-CHECK: Here is an exceprt of Trump's "violence-inciting" speech…