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DEFCON 3 & An Unprepared US Military-Do You Have a Place To Hide? / By Dave Hodges / October 16th, 2016

The American military is posturing for war as best as it can. Of course I am referencing the tremendous handicap that Obama and his left win subversives have imposed on America. America is supposed to lose and our current Pr resident has done everything he can to ensure the outcome. In any other time in America, this President would have been impeached or been the victim of a military coup for what he has done. But then, he has purged the entire leadership of the military.

Even though we are operating under an extreme handicap, the following email reveals how our military is positioning its assets for the coming war.

Hey Dave, my son, (former Marine and National Guard) just returned from town where he witnessed a westbound train at least two miles long loaded down with an assortment of military vehicles. At the time he saw it the train was at rest in Lordsburg N.M. with a white security van traveling along side and lighting it up. A list of what was on the train follows. Weaponized Strykers, Generators, Ambulance Strykers, Command Strykers, Armored Personnel Strykers, M109 Paladins with barrels removed, Armored Weapon Mounted Humvees, IED Resistant Vehicles, and M1078 Light Utility Trucks or troop transports. My son did not take any videos or pics as he didn’t want to deal with the security attached to the train. Keeping you in prayer daily


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