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Latest Victim in Clinton Body Count? True or False? / by Martin Armstrong / Oct 16, 2016

What has been running around for some time is the “Clinton Body Count” naming a comprehensive list of 53 mysterious deaths connected to the Clintons. While some of this are questionable, others are real concerns. The story circulating is that Hillary Clinton has long been known to have serious health issues ever since she collapsed in December, 2012. That incident led to her first operation to remove a blood clot from her brain, which Bill Clinton said took her 6 months to recover from.

But something much more secretive took place on recently on June 30th, 2016. According to the rumors behind the curtain, Hillary Clinton collapsed on her private plane while in route to her Washington D.C. home. An unconscious Hillary landed at the Andrews Airbase that normally handles American officials, including the President. Upon landing, Hillary Clinton was rushed by ambulance to the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility located on the airbase. Apparently, the unconscious Hillary Clinton reached the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility which remains to highly classified that may be a cover-up. Hillary’s security guards refused to allow her to be treated there perhaps afraid that news might leak out. The Air Force doctors objected to removing her and her security detail drew their weapons to forcibly remove her while she was still unconscious. The doctors alerted Joint Base Andrews security police who put the entire base on lockdown. This then made the news under the assumption there was some terrorist incident. US Air Force Colonel Brad Hoagland had to address the media that day explaining it had been a “miscommunicated”.


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