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Global Monetary Madness and Keynesian Double Speak – Rory Hall

Global Monetary Madness and Keynesian Double Speak - Rory Hall / By Rory Hall / October 17, 2016

The economy, not only in the U.S. but around the world, is in uncharted territory. With billions, if not trillions, of sovereign bonds issued at a negative interest rate and still billions, if not trillions, more issued at near zero interest rates, sovereign debt has become quite unstable. Yes, U.S. Treasuries, Japanese bonds, and various other sovereign bonds are still being issued and still being added to other nations’ and institutions’ ledger sheets. However, when these begin to actually impact these ledger sheets or are brought back to market, then what? What will happen as a financial investment instrument comes to market that no one wants or matures and the investor has actually lost a lot of capital?

In a recent interview with one of the architects of this global monetary nightmare that has been foisted upon the people of this planet, the picture became oh-so-clear how much Keynesian Kool-Aid these people have been drinking. The tell-tale signs are in the words of the person that I spoke with and the double-speak that was spewed across the airwaves.

If a person, in the U.S., eats, pays rent or a mortgage, has insurance of any type, or is involved with the education system at any level, they know first-hand how insidious inflation has become over the past several years. What we are told, through Federal Reserve “policies” and by way of the pressitute media, is that inflation is running just under 2% and the Federal Reserve wishes to see it go a little higher and achieve a 2% rate.


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